Barnard, Moors Refuse to Enter 'Cliffe Best-Dressed Girl Contest

Two 'Cliffe dormitories, Barnard and Moors, have refused to submit candidates to the Radcliffe Percussion's contest for the College's best-dressed girl, calling the competition "against Radcliffe principles."

Percussion, which requested each of the nine dormitories to enter a candidate, will select one girl later this month to represent the College in Glamour magazine's contest for the ten best-dressed college girls in America. Six dormitories have chosen candidates, with Comstock Hall planning to announce its two entries next week.

In describing the contest, Percussion quoted Glamour's ten basic points for a well-dressed girl. Among the qualifications were "good grooming--not just neat, but impeccable," an "appropriate campus look, in line with local customs," and an "appropriate--not rah rah--look for off-campus occasions."

Expressing the opinion that the contests was "immoral," a group of girls from Barnard said there was "very strong feeling" against the competition. Members of Moors Hall decided "quite unanimously" not to enter the contest, according to a dormitory member, who added that the girls voted on the matter at dinner and "no one was interested in such an un-Radcliffe idea."

Of the dormitories which entered candidates, three reported generally unfavorable reactions to the contest. "It's all rather amusing," noted one girl from Eliot, suggesting that such a contest was "more for Wellesley or Vassar than for Radcliffe Only Cabot and Holmes expressed approval of the competition.