Kassem Claims Defeat of Rebels, Expels Arab Republic Diplomats; West Agrees on Summit Meeting

BEIRUT, Lebanon, March 10--The Iraqi government of Premier Kassem claimed today it had crushed the revolt in northern Iraq but other reports said the rebellion was still alive. Some said rebels are fighting their way toward the Syrian border.

Possibly more ominous for the Arab world, there were these developments:

1. A United Arab Republic source in Damascus reported Iraqi planes strafed a Syrian village.


2. Iraq expelled a group of U.A.R. diplomats, declaring they were a menace to public safety and unwelcome.

West Agrees on Proposal for Berlin Meeting


PARIS, March 10--The West has lined up solidly behind a proposal to meet the Soviets in Geneva, probably in May, to tackle the dangerous issue of Germany, informed sources reported today.

British and French spokesmen confirmed the West was in complete agreement on a reply to the Soviet Union and were united on a place and time. But they declined to go into details.

The West will ask that the agenda not be limited to the question of the future of Berlin and a German peace treaty, the French source reported.

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