Council Requests Advisory Position On HSA Board

As its final recommendation to the Harvard Student Agencies, the Student Council last night approved a proposal advocating that one Council member participate in HSA board meetings "to look out for the interests of the student body." This delegate, selected with the approval of the HSA, would have a vote only if that organization agrees to it.

An amendment to insure that the Council representative have no connection with the HSA was withdrawn after Lewis B. Oliver, Jr. '61 warned that the Board "would not be favorable to accepting such a person." It was finally decided that the delegate must have no "intimate connection" with the Agencies and that he not be the manager of any one agency.

Council members seemed cautious about what one termed "the dangerous precedent of interference" which such a move would entail. One member even called it "a slap in the face of Mr. Burke." Dustin M. Burke '52 is the director of Student Employment.

Debate sharpened as others defended the right of the Council to watch over HSA activities. Edward A. Segal '60 put it this way:

"What we are trying to do is influence policy-making in the interest of the student."


Segal's sentiment was seconded by Barney Frank '61, who stressed the Council's "legitimate concern" in keeping itself fully informed of HAS policies in order to "look out for students' interests."

Wiliam M. Kargman '61 expressed puzzlement over the assertion that the HSA could act contrary to the interests of the student body. "I can't see the dangers involved here," he commented

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