'Percussion' Will Publish Again; New Editor Seeks 'Cliffe Support

Percussion, Radcliffe's weekly newspaper, will continue publication, although the founding editor-in-chief, Jane A. Connor '60, has left the organization. Joanne Winer '60, former associate editor, will put out a Commencement issue this month and plans to head the staff next year.

Miss Winer said that in the last few days she has been "bombarded by people who were sorry about the paucity of staff members right now, but enthusiastic about the possibilities of Percussion." She has also spoken with the members of the administation and has secured their support for her endeavor.

Plans are underway for a general expansion of the paper. The 18-member staff will be reorganized into several departments, each with an editor and a substaff. During the summer, Miss Winer hopes to increase the group by recruiting talented students and incoming Freshmen through a letter campaign.

Although Miss Winer is "very optimistic" about the paper's future, Miss Connor considered the "whole business a futile effort." She pointed out that when Percussion was formed in the Fall, "there was plenty of enthusiasm, but no work. One person canont put out a good paper when she has to write all the copy and headlines, read galleys and work with the printer, she explained.

Miss Winer insisted that the paper has a "great future." The Radcliffe Student Government Association has also voiced support of Miss Winer's endeavor.