Gift of $285,000 To Aid Program At Grad School

The University yesterday anounced the receipt of a $285,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to support a research and training program in science and public policy at the Graduate School of Public Administration.

The study concerns the broad range of problems involved in the administration of scientific research and in the application of science to the formulation of public policy. It will also undertake to train a number of scientists and administration who are actively concerned with these problems.

Faculty members conducting the study include Jerome S. Bruner, professor of Psychology; I. Bernard Cohen '37, professor of the History of Science; Carl Kaysen, professor of Economics; and Don K. Price, Jr. Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration. J. Stefan Dupre, instructor in Government, and William E. Gustafson, teaching fellow in Economics, are also on the staff.

Plan to Extend Four Years

Initiated a year ago, the program will continue through the academic year 1962-63 with the Rockefeller Foundation's support. Next year will be devoted primarily to research by members of the Faculty. Beginning in the autumn of 1960, the program will include training as well.


Fifteen fellows will be admitted for graduate study under the plan.