Medical School Plans New Center; Project May Cost Over $50 Million

A six-stage coustruction program costing at least $50 million will give Harvard new medical center. The huge plan, which was proposed to the Boston City council last week, brought immediate praise from civic leaders.

Included in the project are at least four new teaching and research buildings, the largest private medical library in the world, reconstruction of existing buildings and a modern hospital complex a few years, Boston will have the world's greatest concentration of medical research, teaching, and ears, as a of the Center.

The first stage of the project, a 12 story nutrition building, will be started the Fall. The Francis A. Countway , second part of the plans, will to be started soon. The interiors of Medical School buildings will be rebuilt, and, as the final parts the project, a new "hospital complex" a large garage will be constructed.

Preliminary planning for the Center several years ago under the leadship of George Packer Berry, Dean of Medical School. Berry worked with directors of the several hospitals as dated with the Medical School.

To start the project, the University to purchase several tracts of land the city of Boston, including parts two streets, Harvard will pay $4 per of street, for a total cost of $105,000. Although details of financing were not public, some people estimated the might cost up to $100 million.