The Mail

To the Editors of the Summer News:

I know little about Mr. Jacob Rondelle, only that he is a Harvard undergraduate. But after reading his letter about costume at the Summer School I can imagine much.

Dressed in his three-piece suit and heavy cordovan shoes, Mr. Rondelle sizzles in the Cambridge summer. The sweat and heat of his Harvardman's body, however, are nothing compared with what goes on in his button-down mind. The Harvard tradition from which he descends is that of narrow-minded, straight-laced New England Puritanism, with its inane and unhealthy repressions.

Mr. Rondelle objects to shorts, sports shirts and sandals; he is afraid of legs and arms and toes. He refers to evilly unclad Radcliffe girls: he is afraid of women in their natural state. Knowing what he doesn't want to look at, I can guess what he spends his time thinking about. The place in Cambridge most in need of air conditioning is undoubtedly Mr. Rondelle's mind. Hamish Kreisler