Griswold to Hold Ambassadorship?

The Kennedy administration is considering Erwin N. Griswold, Dean of the Faculty of Law, for Ambassador to Australia, according to reliable sources in both Washington and Cambridge.

Kennedy has not yet formally offered Griswold the position. The only statement from Griswold's office yesterday was, "I'll tell you what the Dean is having us say to the other papers--no information; no comment."

The administration considered Griswold for the position last spring, but he was unwilling to accept it. It is believed that reconsideration this soon would be unlikely unless Griswold had let the administration know he now feels differently.

Griswold has made two trips to Australia, one lasting over five months.

Kennedy appointed him to the Civil Rights commission last winter, and in other administrations he has served as an attorney in the office of the Solicitor General and as special assistant to the Attorney General. He has also worked as a consulting expert for the Treasury Department.