Seniors Earn Lost Wilson Scholarships

Two Students Win Henry 'Fellowships

Thirty-two Harvard seniors have won drow Wilson Fellowships, the est number awarded to one college year. Yale ranked second with 30 ients and Princeton was third with inners.

fellowships cover the first year of ate study and are meant to enge the newly-elected fellows to con- college teaching as a possible career. nations for the award are made by students' professors.

nners were chosen from 10,453 nees, representing a 21 per cent ins over last year and a five-fold in since the program was expanded 57 by a $24,500,000 grant from the Foundation.

Two Win Henrys

was also announced yesterday that Harvard seniors have won Henry wships for advanced study at either d or Cambridge Universities next Recipients of the awards were m V. Nestrick and Claude E. h, Jr.

e Harvard winners of the Woodrow on Fellowships included Stephen L. Kirby A. Baker, John S. Belmont, on S.P. Bennett, Alan V. Berger, e A. Burnham, Denis P. Coughlin, d C. Davidson, Preston O. de Long, pe de Montebello, Guido F. Di Meo, mith Freeman, Jr.

er recipients were Henry P. Gates, arl J. Green, David D. Grossman, ony M. Lanyi, Arthur M. Lesk, Jona- Middlebrook, Mark J. Mirsky Joseph ooney, William V. Nestrick, and d W. Pfaff.

awarded Wilson Fellowships were G. Sandberg, Jeremy J. Shapiro, A. Sharaf, Michael A. Slote, Peter mith, Robert M. Switzer, Robert M. nce, Robert E. Well, Thomas E. kopf, and Robert E. Whallon, Jr.

e unprecedented increase in the er of nominees," Sir Hugh Taylor, dent of the Foundation said, "has ed us, after the keenest of competi- to recruit young people who possess , who might never have thought of sional careers."