Hellman Speaks To Small Crowd at Loeb Center

audience sadly thinned by a freak error, Lillian Hellman continued series of anecdotal reminisence at Loeb yesterday. She commented on observing that since success is at best "glancing kisses," so should be viewed as "glancing ."

of insecurity often found its into the episodes she recounted, the of the modern era she has discussing. With reflections rather despair, Miss Hellman criticized demands for overriding conformed and challenged the aims of such as Broadway, off-Broadway, and the House Committee on American Activities.

playwright accused Broadway of singularly intent upon praising goodness, normalcy... and ." At the same time, she off-Broadway has found nothing to but Togetherness isn't any good. big deal... This is as avant-Garde -puding." As for Hollywood, "The difference there between the words and 'God' is that 'money' has more letters."

Hellman concluded with comments trips to Spain and Russia during .

applause which greeted her helped out the distasteful sound of the which Robert H. Chapman, of English and Director of the Center, had to make. The lecture seen erroneously scheduled in several applications for April 27. At any rate, Hellman's third and concluding be held at the Loeb on Monday.


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