Will Provides Novel Eugenics Trust To Promote A More Perfect Union

Radcliffe students of exemplary genetic background have a chance to strike it rich according to the terms of a former professor's will, it was learned yesterday. Truman L. Kelley, formerly a member of the faculty at the School of Education, has set up a "Eugenics Trust" for his two sons, one of whom lives in Cambridge.

The will outlines a complex series of physical, social, intellectual, and compatibility tests under which the sons and their future wives will receive cash awards in proportion to their ratings.

In the will Kelley declares that the trusts were arranged "to promote the eugenic marriage of my sons through counseling, marriage and birth awards."

A separate series of tests would determine the compatibility of each son and his prospective wife. Results of the tests, balanced one against the other, would determine each couple's point score. For each point, the son and his bride would receive $400 apiece. On the birth of a child, a similar award of $600 per point would be paid.

Since Kelley was an authority on psychological testing, the scheme has received widespread attention among various forward-thinking groups. One student in Kirkland House has proposed a Harvard-Radcliffe Young Eugenicists Club (abbreviated HRYEC) to subject the plan to serious study.

Mixed opinion has reigned at Radcliffe. Although one junior expressed a desire to meet Kelley's sons, the general level of enthusiasm has not been as high. In fact, Colossal E. Squid '64, a resident of Comstock Hall, has organized the Radcliffe Association Protesting Eugenics. This group (unabbreviated) will picket any Eugenicists convoking in or about Comstock Hall.