The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

East, West, Home is Best. What dreary names for the women's Houses. At Harvard-Radcliffe, which in all things encourages free play in developing local fancy, such a step toward worldly facelessness can only be deplored. What is wanting is a lyrical quality, or the deserved pomp. If the Houses must box the compass, they might at least be Meridian, Antipodes, Capricorn and Cancer.

But in the confusion of social experiment, why not give the girls more clues to what the Houses may be like? By careful naming, perhaps the divisions of femininity may be tilted a certain way. What girl could not find her home, according to her lights, among Aspiration, Abnegation. Harmony and Hubrls Houses? Or, in another vein. Ambiguity, Casuistry, Gentility and Serendipity? This set would have the advantage that if a man didn't know what he wanted, he would know where to look.

Of course, maybe the Houses-to-be have been craftily named after four benefactors, Messrs. West, East, North and South. But if not, perhaps potential givers with nice-sounding names will think it worth a million or two to blot out these names of wind. Ted Nelson 1G