Lacrosse Team Will Meet Powerful Bulldog Varsity

Second place in the Ivy League and the New England championship are two of the plums that go to the winner of the Harvard-Yale lacrosse game here tomorrow afternoon. But the juiciest plum, of course, is simply a victory over Yale. And it won't be easy.

In Ivy League competition, the Crimson and Bulldogs have each sustained one loss to the powerful Princeton unit that should easily walk over Cornell this weekend to complete an undefeated Ivy season and cop the League championship for the fifth consecutive year.

Last weekend at New Haven, the Bulldogs held a significant 5-0 first quarter lead over Princeton before falling 8-6. Paced by attackman Gibbs Lamotte, the Yalies held on until the middle of the second period, after which the Tigers burst the Bulldog bubble and pushed the Yalies all over their own field.

But two weeks ago at Princeton, the Crimson never held anything that resembled 5-0 lead in losing to the Tigers 11-5. And yet Crimson injuries against Princeton and the fact that the Yalies were playing at home seem to invalidate any rigid appraisal of relative Harvard. Yale strength based upon the Princeton encounters. The two games do, however, seem to intimate that Yale may be pretty tough.

History seems to repeat itself, for last year at this time, the Crimson fought through 60 minutes of regular play and 10 minutes of overtime before breaking the resisting Bulldog's back 16-13 and taking second place in the Ivy League standings. That game was played before a wildly partisan Yalie crowd in New Haven. On the Business School field tomorrow the advantage should rest with the Crimson.

Bohn Will Play

Attackman Dave Bohn, currently tied for first place in the New England scoring race with midfielder Pete Sieglaff at 41 goals, sat on the sidelines with a pulled hamstring muscle last Wednesday as the Crimson rolled over Middlebury. Bohn won't be fully recovered, but he'll play, and probably pretty damn well as it's his last game in a Crimson uniform.

With Bohn at attack will be Grady Watts and Woody Spruance. Watts, hampered by problems with rib cartilege, should be fully recovered and in top form.