Fumes Drive Out Loeb Dancers

Carbon monoxide fumes from a car parked by a ventilating shaft drove members of the Cambridge Ballet Theatre out of the Loeb Drama Center yesterday afternoon.

The alarm interrupted a rehearsal for a forthcoming show at the Loeb. Members of the ballet group will present a program of contemporary dance, music and poetry from June 11 to 14, to entertain returning alumni and the general public.

"Seven Dreams," by Frank Wiggles-worth, will be given its world premiere by the troupe, headed by Esther Brooks, director of the Cambridge School of Ballet and head of the ballet department of the New England Conservatory of Music. The piece will be accompanied with readings from medieval love sonnets selected by William Alfred, associate professor of English.

Joseph Raposo '58, music director for the production, has completed an original composition, "Waltzes," for the Loeb production. It will be the last show of the academic year; a summer group will present four shows starting June 28.

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