George Cabot Lodge Named to Position On Business School Faculty for Fall Term

George Cabot Lodge '50, who has resigned as Assistant Secretary of Labor for International Affairs, will lecture at the Business School for the Fall Term. The appointment will be confirmed by the Corporation September 18.

Lodge, son of Republican vice-Presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge '24, is expected to leave the Business School position in February of 1962 to seek the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

As "a Harvard Faculty member on leave," Lodge may clash with Edward M. Kennedy '54 in an all-Harvard battle for the seat of Sen. Benjamin S. Smith '44, Kenedy's brother and Lodge's father met in the 1952 Massachusetts Senatorial race.

A former reporter for the Lynn Dally Evening Item and the Boston Herald, Lodge impressed a Labor Department official in an interview and was named assistant director of information in the Department. In 1952 he was promoted to Assistant Secretary for International Affairs.