Delay in FCC Action To Silence WHRB-FM

WHRB-FM will not begin broadcasting at the scheduled time of 8 a.m. this morning, Robert C. Channon '62, station manager, said yesterday. The Federal communications commission has not yet renewed the station's license, but official permission to operate is expected from Washington sometime today.

The complications began when WHRB-FM moved its antenna to the top of the new Holyoke Health Center. The FCC granted permission to construct a new tower last July, but the installation was not finished until the second week in September.

WHRB them applied for program test authority--temporary permission to broadcast until its license is renewed--and asked that the mandatory 10-day waiting period be waived. But the FOC, returning after its August vacation, had a large backlog of eases, and was unable to cut abort the waiting period.

An FOC inspector has already approved the new tower, Channon said.

WHRB-AM will broadcast as usual.