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By Faye Levine

A "loft" somewhere in Harvard Square where poor, harried 'Cliffies may eat their box lunches and buy coffee appears to be the compromise result of a meeting between President Bunting of Radcliffe and a delegation of girls dissatisfied with present lunch conditions.

Want Optional Lunch costs

Mrs. Bunting said she would ask the HSA to organize this service when she was presented with a petition just before Christmas vacation. Fifty Barnard Hall girls had vehemently protested having to pay for dorm lunches, since class hours so often made return impossible. Noting also the poor quality of the box lunches, they asked that lunch costs be an optional part of the board bill.

Their request was denied by Mrs. Bunting, however, because she feels that present lunch facilities operate under the assumption that not all girls will eat in the dorm. If all girls were to take advantage of dorm offered lunches, as is presumably advocated, the College would run into grave financial problems. The results, therefore, of having even fewer girls pay for dorm lunches would be a greatly increased cost for the other two meals.

Mrs. Bunting also pointed out difficulties with union regulations and a minimum number of kitchen personnel.

Mrs. Bunting Answers Complaints

In answer to the complaint made against box lunches, Mrs. Bunting gave the student representatives, Merry A. Isaac's '63 and Sarah C. Dublin '63, permission to contact the College dietitian. The girls will request a box lunch plan similar to that at Harvard, whereby students may choose among several possible sandwiches. At present, one lunch is given to everyone each day.

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