City Studies Bike Parking Near Square

Cambridge may soon provide parking spaces for the many bikes in Harvard Square, Traffic Commissioner Robert Rudolph told two members of Harvard Council on Undergraduate affairs yesterday.

As a result of the Cambridge Police Department's decision to enforce a law forbidding bike parking on city sidewalks, Seth A. Schaffer '63, Secretary of HCUA, and John R. Taylor '65 met Rudolph to discuss finding a place to park the bikes. No definite decision was reached, but Rudolph said that he would look into the problem, and made several suggestions about what might be done.

Rudolph said that the city might set off a certain number of parking spaces Massachusetts Ave. for bikes. He mentioned the possibility of setting up bike racks behind the information booth in Harvard Square. Cambridge cannot afford to pay for these racks, but private organization bought them the city would make room for them.

Schaffer and Taylor were overwhelmed by the commissioner's cordiality and cooperation. "As soon as we stated the problem, he started giving us solutions. He is sincerely interested in our problem and wants to solve it."

Because of Rudolph's cooperation and assurances, HCUA has dropped plans for a mass student demonstration to protest the recent police bike-snatching.

The police department's campaign to the pedestrians' right of way will continue. No bikes have been picked up since last Thursday, but Chief of Police Daniel Brennan promised that from now on illegally parked bikes will be hauled to the station "at any time--day or night."

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