Men Join 'Cliffies In Sports Events

Harvard men are invading the Radcliffe gym, Miss Mary G. Paget, Co-ordinator of Recreational Activities, said yesterday.

There are mixed doubles matches in tennis, coed judo, sailing and modern dance classes, bi-monthly folk dances and hockey games with the Harvard houses.

Since when the men? It started last year with the discontinuation of required Physical Education and is gaining momentum quickly this semester, Miss Paget explained.

Tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. Eliot House will meet Radcliffe for hockey on the quad. Next week, Wednesday, Oct. 24, a United Nations Day folk dance will be held, and at the end of the month there will be a sailing regatta.

Girls Play More

Besides the infiltration of men, Miss Paget has noticed other changes in the gym program this year. "There is more diversity in the activities and the girls are becoming more involved in a particular sport," she said.

The judo and modern dance classes, the scuba diving group at the Boston YWCA and the fox hunting club, which meets at the Millwood Club in Framingham, are among the most popular activities with 'Cliffies. This year, also, for the first time, Radcliffe organized an inter-collegiate tennis team, which will participate in tournaments this fall and next spring.