Tiddlywink Team Downs Holyoke

In what was hailed as "the first collegiate bisexual tiddlywinks match" the men of the Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society (GUTS) defeated an impressive Mount Holyoke team (MHUTS), 31-11, here Saturday.

The Harvard winkers outsquidged and outsquopped their opponents, taking first place in each of the six matches; but the M H U T S were termed a "powerful" squad by their Harvard hosts after one Holyoke player broke a squidge by pressing too hard against a wink on her opening shot. It was the first time that a squidge had been broken during match competition.

The girls' early confidence gave way to bewilderment and some grumbling when the GUTS attempted to explain the rules of the game.

Meanwhile, in the first tiddlywinks match between Ivy League schools, James D. Parry '64 and Robert K. Whitesides '65 downed an inexperienced Columbia's twosome, 11-3 in New York.