Brandeis Downs Hoopsters 76-56 on All-Court Press

The Crimson basketball squad met an unexpected 76 to 56 defeat Saturday night in Waltham at the hands of Brandeis' Judges.

Using an all-court press that coach Floyd Wilson said "seemed to upset the Harvard players and caused a lot of mistakes," the Brandeis five led in scoring for almost all the game, topping the Crimson 32 to 26 at halftime. Gary Goldberg and Ron Kemper with 17 points apiece were high men for the Judges; Merle McClung with 14 and Denny Lynch with 12 led the Crimson scoring.

The Saturday game, Brandeis' home-coming, marked the first time Harvard has been defeated by the Judges. Besides the home team's successful strategy, factors in the upset may have included Crimson over-confidence and a capacity Brandeis crowd led by cheer-leaders in polka-dotted panties.

Harvard's record stands at 1-4 as the Crimson prepares for a vacation tournament at Evansville, Ind., beginning Dec. 28.