Leverett Tops Prison In 73-68 Cage Game

The most exciting Harvard basketball game in many years was played Saturday at Concord Prison. Perenially powerful Leverett House overcame a 10-point deficit to down Concord 72-63 before an enthusiastic crowd of 150 prison inmates and 3 Harvard students.

Led by top-scorer Dave Hudepohl, who reached 26 points, the Leverett men had been losing at the half 29-31. Concord had easily dominated the first three periods with brilliant shooting. In the last quarter, though, a high-pressure and unnerving full-court press put Leverett ahead to win.

A particularly active group of betting men at the Institution supplied Leverett with about 80 vociferous supporters. The play itself, reported refs BIB Gussetti and Keith Julian, was fairly clean.

Concord's top scorer, a former member of the Harison Globetrotters' farm team, earned 22 points. Leverett's Jim Beery Tom Piper, Kon Nahigian, and Mike Hardesty scored 10 each.

PBH who sponsored the game, reports that arrangements are pending for two more House teams to play Concord, probably next month.