10 Years In The

CAMBRIDGE police last rested 28 students in the clubbing many before taking the Central Square police patrol wagons. The melee and after a reception for , comic strip cartoonist.

Twenty-seven students were with disturbing the peace, and set at $27 for each man... CRIMSON editors were among seized.

The CRIMSON has retained A. DeGuglielmo '29, Mayor of bridge, to defend the arrested ... Three CRIMSON were arrested and one had his fiscated by the police...

Arrested students last night that Cambridge police exercised rageous mishandling" in the hour fracas that turned Square into an early evening field.

"Clubs were used freely," said; many prisoner and bleeding.... A CRIMSON rapher, Norman Weil, Jr. '54, that the officer who arrested him "Getting arrested will teach you vard bastards a lesson."... --May 16,

* * *

OUTRAGED and Yale men have been their collars and muttering under breath for the past month in of a new and "unnatural" College ulation--one requiring them to coats and ties at dinner. Not meals--just evening meals and day dinner...

The director of the University halls declared that the new rule "the Colleges a much more atmosphere and it is not too ask that students be properly for one meal a day." She did why it was too much to ask that men be properly dressed for meals a day.

New Haven reaction to the rule came swift and Only the Yale Daily News was in its backing of the law.   --March 28,