As hour exams approach and the need for escape increases, one is tempted to brave the snow and sleet and slush to reach Tremont Street and try the movies offered this week. But take care, for not all the films playing this week are designed to dispel anxiety.

Do not, for example, go to Judgment at Nuremberg (at the Saxon, LI 2-4600) if you want to relax. Too many characters in it rant and shout; too often the camera sweeps in dizzying circles. One is left physically exhausted at the end. But it is, perhaps, worth it to see Judy Garland gone to seed (way over the rainbow) and hear Marlene Dietrich sing a snatch of Lili Marlene. The producers of the film undoubtedly think they have made the epic of the decade and solved all possible moral questions of Nazi Germany.

On the other hand, Murder, (She Said) (at the Exeter, KE 6-7067) makes a perfect evening. Margaret Rutherford is superb as the undaunted amateur sleuth who solves a mysterious murder after many complications. The story is an Agatha Christie and a good one; the production is excellent.

West Side Story (at the Gary, LI 2-7040) rumbles on for another week of color, action, and Bernstein music. It is said the Old Vic production of Romeo and Juliet studied this film in an effort to improve its own staging. What more can be said?

The Mark (at the Fenway, KE 6-0610) has been called a daring excursion into areas taboo to movies. But this story of a sex criminal and his rehabilitation has been so watered down that no one can possibly get very upset. There is some good acting, and the picture is generally enjoyable.


Arthur Miller's View From the Bridge has been filmed and is currently showing at the Kenmore, KE 6-0777. The play may not be Miller's best, but the movie is a competent production and worth a trip to Boston.

A little known picture of great merit is The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, which has just opened (at the May-flower, HA 6-6938. Of all the recent films about Hercules this is by far the best. Critics have commented general technical excellence of , particularly the special. The Three Stooges bring all imposing talent to the and the results are the .

In the same class is Little Ava Gardner and David Niven Strand, CO 6-4000). This be a new flick, but for sheer delight it deserves top revealing love scenes with David Ava displays in glorious things that made her famous. Hut may not discuss any vital issues, but its wholesome healthy antidote to the at this trying time of year.

It is a shame that Great is not playing in Boston trip to Dorchester is well time and trouble (at the 6-2080), especially since this picture is playing on a double the memorable Journey to the Planet. It may be a long time two such notable films appear area again.

One other great feature in urbs is Everything's Ducky ( Strand in Woburn, WE 3-0696), people who have seen this have it at least twice, so memorable impact. For those who have had the pleasure a journey to would be well worth while. thing's wonderful in Ducky.