HSA Plans to Start Bus From 'Cliffe to Square

A charter bus service from the Radcliffe Quad to Harvard Yard may begin in November, according to John Harmon '65, HSA organizer of the project. The question of whether the 'Cliffies will ride or walk to their winter classes will depend on the girls' reaction to a three week period of trial service.

Bradford Perry '64, HSA President, stressed the uncertainties of the project. "We have to get enough girls interested and we have to get a bus."

From Briggs to Mem Hall

If negotiations with bus companies are successful, the bus will operate from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Fare for each trip will be ten cents, and there will be four trips an hour. The bus will leave from Briggs Hall six or seven minutes before each hour, and run to Mem Hall via Garden St. After reloading, the bus will return to the Quad.

Several members of the Radcliffe administration have expressed enthusiasm for the HSA project. President Bunting says she approves of the bus as another move in bringing Harvard and Radcliffe closer together. Catherine D. Williston, Dean of North House, added that she would like to see a late bus pick up girls from Radcliffe library when it closes.


Harmon commented that whether or not there will be all day service depends upon 'Cliffie reaction. If the girls use the service, the bus could be kept running all day and all year, rather than stopping at spring vacation.

Negotiations for a bus are underway with a number of companies. There are three problems in finding a company, Harmen explained. First, it must be decided whether HSA or the bus drivers should handle the money. HSA has also agreed not to interfere in MTA bus routes. Second, the bus is neither a charter service, since it runs every day, nor a normal shuttle point to point service. But the key problem is that HSA needs a large bus.

The bus service will also create more jobs for 'Cliffies, who can make a profit selling tickets. But on the basis of a questionaire given to 10 per cent of the girls, Harmon says: "I'm not sure whether the girls want to ride the bus or whether they want me to think they'll ride the bus so it will be available."