Bill Humenuk Selected League Back of Week

Quarterback Named To 'All-East' Squad

Quarterback Bill Humenuk, who came off the bench to lead the Crimson football team to a 17-13 victory over Dartmouth Saturday, has been named Ivy League Back of the Week for his performance. The former second-stringer was also picked as quarterback of the weekly All-East team.

The All-East selection was quite an honor; Humenuk was picked over players like Navy's Roger Staubach, who passed the Middies to a 24-12 victory over highly rated Pitt, and the ubiquitous Archie Roberts, who accounted for over 200 yards while Columbia walloped Lehigh 46-21.

The Crimson quarterback earned his honors by passing Harvard to two touch-downs and a field goal in a little over two periods. He completed eight of his 12 passes for a total of 99 yards and one touchdown. None were intercepted.

Offense Improves

In fact, the Crimson offense, which showed no scoring punch in the first half under good-run, no-pass quarterback Mike Bassett, picked up immediately when Humenuk entered the game. The senior came in with 1:34 left in the second quarter and quickly passed the Crimson 51 yards to the Dartmouth one-yard line. There two passes failed, and time ran out before a third could be attempted.


But Humenuk and Harvard, not discouraged by the failure to score, promptly erased Dartmouth's 7-0 lead with two quick third-quarter touchdowns, and added a field goal later in the game.

It wasn't merely Humenuk's passing ability that earned him his honors. His throws gave the Crimson offense a variety it had lacked this year, and helped Wally Grant, Scott Harshbarger, and Bill Grana rip off good gains while the Indians tried desperately to patch up their pass defense.

Position Unstable

But for all his honors, Humenuk will have to hustle to hold onto his newly-acquired job as first-string quarterback. Two years ago, when Humenuk's second-half passes won the Princeton game, it was Bassett who started the next week.

This is the fourth consecutive week that a Crimson player was named to the All-East squad. Center Brad Stephens was exhumed from the wreckage after the Columbia game and picked for the team. Wally Grant was chosen both of the preceding weeks for his running against Rutgers and Cornell.