Yardlings Will Meet Yale Soccer Squad

Members of the freshman soccer team will find their work cut out for them today in New Haven as they face an undefeated Yale squad.

The Eli Bullpups have compiled an impressive 5-0-3 record and have outplayed their opponents in almost every game. In attaining these heights they toppled a previously unbeaten Bridgeport University team.

The three ties, however, represent something less than perfection. All three came against teams that the Crimson freshmen defeated handily. Especially significant is the fact that the freshmen beat a strong Brown team 3-1 in their last outing while Yale could only manage a 2-2 tie. The other ties were inflicted by Princeton and Andover, teams which the Yardlings vanquished 4-1 and 2-1 respectively.

Right inside and captain Derek Bush accounts for most of Yale's scoring punch. Bush has scored ten goals this season and caps a Bullpup attack which has kept consistent pressure on the enemy's goal. In the Bridgeport game alone, Yale outshot their opponents 37 to 13.

The team's defensive stalwart is right fullback Sandy Peterson. Aided by the somewhat less spectacular but consistent Carl Seitz at left fullback, he has managed to spare the Yale goalie from excessive work throughout most of the season.


The Crimson's season performance has been equally impressive. The Yardlings' record stands at 7-1, marred only by a 2-1 upset at the hands of Dartmouth.