Rep. Powell Cancels Talk; Brown Slated

Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (D.N.Y.) has cancelled his appearance scheduled here for Jan. 10, Burt Ross '65, president of the Harvard-Radcliffe Young Democrats, announced yesterday. At the same time, Ross revealed that Gov. Edmund G. (Pat) Brown of California would speak to the club Jan. 8.

Powell, whose political career has been particularly turbulent in the last year, reportedly must appear in court in New York the same day he had planned to speak to the Young Democrats. Last April, Powell was ordered by the New York Supreme Court to pay Mrs. Esther James, a New York widow, $211,500 for calling her a "bag woman," or a collector of graft, during a televised campaign speech. His court appearance is allegedly connected with this case.

Lecture at Littauer

Governor Brown will also deliver a lecture on "New Challenges to American Federalism" at the Littauer School of Public Administration. As governor of the nation's most populous state, Brown will presumably discuss the relationships of federal and state governmental power.

Brown's Eastern trip, which also includes a stint before a Congressional committee in Washington, is billed as non-political, but Brown, a Roman Catholic, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Democratic vice-Presidential nomination in 1964.


Only members of the Young Democrats will be allowed at the governor's appearance at 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. The general public, however, will be able to see Brown and ask him questions later at Littauer.

Also on Brown's schedule is a lunchson with the YD executive committee.

The Young Democrats will plan to have Powell speak again next April; the exact date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, those who have purchased tickets for the January speech may obtain refunds from the club's treasurer, A. J. Heath.