The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Dr. Pusey has warned of the dangers inherent in a University's making itself beholden to industry by the acceptance of "research grants" and "subsidies."

To an alumnus ('22) it is not a little disturbing to receive repeatedly in my mail printed matter criticizing my alma mater for tolerating deliberate misstatements in the press, on radio and on TV with respect to fluoridation of public water supplies.

Flat statements that floridation is no longer a controversial subject (when Cambridge has just thrown it out after a two year trial), that fluoride is a nutrient (cf. Maurer and Day: "The Non-essentiality of Fluorine as a Nutrient") and the reberated argumentum hominem against opponents of this police-state medicine are for the dispassionate to weigh.

Cannot this criticism of Harvard be stlessed? James H.S. Meynahan '23