Masters Won't Follow Law Parietals Change

Masters do not foresee any change in House parietal regulations, despite the Law School's recent liberalization of hours. Most continue to oppose the extension of hours in the College.

David E. Owen, Master of Winthrop House, said it would be "utterly ridiculous" to grant a half-hour extension, as the Law School has done. "It seems to me we've gone about as far as we can," he declared.

Dudley Master Alwin M. Pappenheimer, Jr. '29 called the present regulations reasonable and necessary in view of the overcrowding in the Houses. "I think that they're pretty generous and that they work pretty well," he said. He described himself as "a status quo man" on the issue.

Laurence Wylie, Acting Master of Quincy House, said that he would be "very surprised" to see a change in parietal rules. He admitted that the present system does not work perfectly, but said it adequately protects students who wish to study.

Also on record as opposing the extension of parietal hours were Charles H. Taylor, Master of Kirkland House and John H. Finley, Jr. '25, Master of Eliot House. Richard T. Gill '48, Allston Burr Senior Tutor in Leverett House, declined comment. Gill will become Master of Leverett next year.

Wylie was the only Master to suggest any modification of the present arrangements for entertaining women guests. He proposed that the top floor of Holyoke Center be converted into a student union. Finley expressed approval of this plan, but Wylie said that some other Masters "would be very much against it" if it ever came up for a vote. They feel, he said, that such a center "would make us too much like the University of Wisconsin." He explained that the Masters do not want Harvard to resemble a large state university.

Law School Changes Hours

The Law School, in a change announced last week, extended its weekend parietal hours from 12:30 to 1 a.m. The new hours apply to the 500 law students living in dormitories, who constitute about one-third of the school's total enrollment.