From Cambridge to the Congo

The CRIMSON has a monopoly on covering the Congo. David L. Halberstam, managing editor in 1955, reported on the Congo crisis for the New York Times and won the Times front-page award in 1961. Halberstam has since moved on to Vietnam, and his place in the Congo has been taken by J. Anthony Lukas, associate managing editor of the CRIMSON in 1955.

Other ex-Crimeds now prominent in journalism include Otto E. Fuerbringer '32, managing editor of Time; Anthony Lewis '48, Supreme Court correspondent for the New York Times; and Blair Clark '40, director of CBS news.

The University has also claimed its share of CRIMSON reporters. President James B. Conant '14; Rupert Emerson '22, professor of Government; Dean Monro; Kenneth S. Lynn '45, associate professor of English; David Riesman Jr. '31, Henry Ford II Professor of Social Sciences; and Richard H. Ullman '55, Allston Burr Senior Tutor of Lowell House, all wrote for the paper as undergraduates.

But the vast majority of CRIMSON editors became neither journalists nor professors. Two (JFK and FDR) became President. F.A.O. Schwarz '24 manufactures toys, David Rockefeller '36 runs a bank, Cleveland Amory '39 is a proper Bostonian, Robert F. Bradford '23 served as Governor of. Massachusetts, and Laurence D. Savadove '53 writes novels.

Most of the editors on the CRIMSON join the paper not with any view toward their future profession but because the CRIMSON offers them the opportunity to become more intimate with many areas of the University not otherwise open to undergraduates, to meet interesting students outside of the Houses, and to participate in the fun of putting out a good newspaper.


Monday and Tuesday night the CRIMSON will hold introductory meetings for those interested in joining the paper. At these meetings, CRIMSON editors will outline the structure of the competition and answer any questions about the paper.

Undergraduates who feel that education consists of something more than formal course work should drop by and see the CRIMSON. Free beer and coke will be served both Monday and Tuesday night at 14 Plympton St.

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