Legislators Say Pompeo Out as Trustee of MTA

Radical new developments involving the reappointment of Anthony D. Pompeo to the three-man MTA Board of Directors may significantly improve Harvard's chance to purchase the Bennett Street MTA Yards as the site for a tenth house, the CRIMSON learned yesterday.

According to State Representative Mary B. Newman (R.-Camb.), "I know of no one who is supporting Pompeo's reappointment." She added, "I cannot imagine Peabody making such a collosal political blunder as to reappoint him."

Pompeo, an appointee of former Gov. Foster C. Furcolo, has consistantly opposed Harvard's acquisition of the Bennett St. Yards. He comes up for reappointment next month. If Governor Endicott Peabody chooses to appoint a new director instead of Pompeo, a majority of the MTA Board might then accept Harvard's $5 million bid for the valuable MTA land.

Senators Support Rep. Newman

Mrs. Newman's statement was supported by State Senators Denis L. McKenna of Somerville and George V. Kenneally of Dorchester. Kenneally said, "I do not think he will be reappointed," and McKenna added, "I cannot see any reason why he should be."


In other developments McKenna and Kenneally announced a comprehensive Senate investigation of MTA land sales which will include a probe into the Bennett St. Yard controversy.

The investigation is a direct challenge to powerful MTA General Manager Thomas J. McLernon. "He brought it on by his complete disregard for the public," McKenna stated. "McLernon's one obsession is to cut the MTA deficit and he does not care how he does it," the Senator continued.

Asked if there was anything out of order in the MTA position on the Bennett ST. Yards, McKenna declared, "I don't know, but we certainly are going to find out." He claimed that the Senate investigatory committee, which will supoena both records and witnesses, will produce "revelations that will be quite enlightening."

Bids on the MTA Yards were opened on December 28, 1962. Harvard bid $5,010,000, and Francis J. Roche, Cambridge attorney, offered $6,135,000.