Shaplin Leaves Harvard; Ed. Post Remains Vacant

Acting Dean Accepts Job at Washington U.

Judson T. Shaplin '42, acting dean of the Faculty of Education, will end 17 years as a teacher and administrator at Harvard this June to become Professor of Education and director of the Graduate Institute of Education at Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.

Shaplin had been considered a candidate for dean of the School of Education; the post had been open since former dean Francis G. Keppel '38 left Harvard in December to become U.S. Commissioner of Education.

President Pusey has spoken to educators and administrators from all over the country in his search for a new dean. The appointment is not expected to be announced, however, until the May meeting of the Board of Overseers.

Since 1954, Shaplin has been associate dean of the School. One of his special projects was Harvard's Master of Arts in Teaching program, which this year celebrated its 25th anniversary. Another was coordinating a Harvard-U.S. Nigerian project to establish a comprehensive high school in Aiyetoro, Nigeria.

Before his appointment to the Faculty of Education, Shaplin was assistant dean of the College, and was director of freshman scholarships. He graduated from the College summa cum laude in 1942 and later received an A.M. and a Ph. D. in clinical psychology from Harvard.


The Graduate Institute of Education at Washington University is composed of a teaching faculty with a large number of undergraduate majors and graduate students. The Institute devotes a major part of its resources to research, particularly in the application of the behavorial sciences to educational problems.

Shaplin said yesterday that the school's emphasis on the behavioral sciences fitted with his own interest in psychology and sociology. He also explained that the appointment as professor of Education would allow him much more time for teaching and research.