HCUA Chooses NSA Delegates, Considers Group's Political Role

Four conservatives, three liberals, and a "southern moderate" were chosen by the HCUA last night to represent Harvard at the National Student Association convention this summer.

Before making their selections, council members debated whether Harvard's delegation should represent student political opinion at the College.

John P. Russo '65 argued that the council should attempt to make Harvard's NSA representation "a reflection of the political views of the student body." This is important, he said, because "it's obvious that NSA concerns itself with political questions."

Disagreeing with Russo, Marc Slotnik '64 repeatedly stressed that "NSA is 95 per cent non-political." At one point he exclaimed "I don't even care if one of our representatives is a racist, the important thing is his qualifications as a person."

Thomas A. Timberg '64, chairman of the council's NSA committee, presented the committee's choice of representatives, which included, he said, five "who might be called liberals" and three "who are to the left of center." Although Timberg thought the committee's choices a "fair representation," the council decided to replace two of the recommended choices.


The delegates with full voting rights will be Danny J. Boggs '65, Sanford J. Ungar '66, Hendrick Hertzberg '65, and John R. Taylor '65. Alternates, who will go to the convention with partial voting rights, are Chester Johnson '66, William C. Wooldridge '65, John Haviland '66, and David Morton '63.

The council considered Boggs, Ungar, Wooldridge, and Morton conservatives and Taylor, Hertzberg, and Haviland liberals. Johnson was termed a Southern moderate.