Poonies Award Caroline Sacred Ibis

Isn't everyone being sweet--especially those 'Poonies! Here they voted little Caroline Kennedy Little Girl of the Year.

They wrote her that "We are pleased to announce that you have been selected Little Girl of the Year. In recognition of this we are awarding you our cherished and expensive Ibis, a rare bird, which has long been the symbol of all that we stand for. Bennett has been in our possession since our founding in 1876, and we can think of nothing more fitting than that he should take his proper place on the lid of your hope chest. Do come and see us next time you are in Cambridge."

Come to think of it, the Gargoyle editors are pretty regular guys, too. They helped the Lampoon ship the bird, figuring that their colleagues might not be able to take time off from all those cocktail parties for celebrities.

Woodward A. Wickham, Jr., '64, president of the Lampoon, said last night that the White House had not yet sent a thank you note.