CEP May Favor Credit For Sophomore Tutorial

Dean Ford said yesterday that a proposal to make sophomore History and Literature tutorial a credit course encountered "no great hostility" in the Faculty Committee on Educational Policy in their first discussion of the plan.

The proposal was introduced at a Committee meeting last week. It would make the tutorial a half-credit course running throughout the year, much like General Education Ahf. However, no grades would be given, and the course would not count toward rank list standing.

Ford pointed out that sophomore tutorial is the only introductory course in the History and Literature program at present. For that reason alone, the proposal was "a good issue to study," he said.

Sophomores majoring in Social Studies, the University's other limited Honors program, already receive full-course credit for their tutorial as a result of a ruling delivered by the CEP last May. Tutees meet for one hour of lecture and two hours of tutorial each week.

At least one member of the Committee strongly favored the extension of credit for tutorials in History and Lit. He hoped that the proposal would increase the amount of work done in tutorial, but that the course would remain ungraded.

No proposal to give credit for sophomore tutorial in History appeared before the Committee. Previously, it had been expected that the History and Literature tutors would wait for a History Department proposal and present a similar plan.

However, it now appears unlikely that the History Department will submit a proposal to the C.E.P. before the end of the year. At present, several History tutors are drawing up a memorandum for discussion by the full Department.

The History and Lit proposal is still in "a very preliminary stage," according to John J. Conway, a member of the CEP. Even if the Committee approves the plan, it must be passed by the full Faculty of Arts and Sciences before it can be put into operation.