Pusey, Ford To Dedicate VAC Today

Although Le Corbusier, designer of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, will not be present at its dedication today, a collection of his paintings, water colors, drawing, prints, and an Aubusson tapestry completed last year will compose the Center's first exhibition. It will open to the public Saturday and run through August 15.

The dedication ceremonies will take place in the main-floor common room at 5 p.m.

Dean Jose Luis Sert, whose architectural firm realized Le Corbusier's plans, will comment on the building. Dean Ford will preside, and President Pusey will perform the dedication. Alfred St. Vrain Carpenter, whose gift made the Center possible, will speak briefly.

Will Tour Building

The Harvard Corporation and Board of Overseers, artists, educators, and patrons of the Center will tour the building after the dedication. Members of the Arts Center staff, students from the design workshop of Mirko Basaldella and the light and communication workshop of Robert G. Gardner, will explain some of the activities of the Center.

Later in the evening guests will attend a preview of the Le Corbusier show in the third-floor exhibition hall.

The exhibition includes 10 paintings, 12 watercolors and drawings, 55 prints, one tapestry, and a selection of books. It ranges from a 1920 still life, signed with the family name Jeanneret eight years before the architect adopted the pseudonym Le Corbusier, to the 1962 tapestry and includes his linear, brilliantly colored "Taureaux" painting of the 1950's.

Also on display will be a series of early architectural sketches and an early model of the Center prepared by Le Corbusier's office.

The exhibition will be open seven days a week from 1 to 5 p.m., and until 10 p.m. on Tuesdays.