Tigers Down Varsity, 12-8; Gunnoe Sparks Late Rally

Harvard hasn't beaten a Princeton lacrosse team since 1925 and Saturday's contest demonstrated only that times haven't changed that much. After taking a massive nine goal lead in the first half, the perennially tough Tigers added a 12-8 victory to an impressive chain of conquests over Harvard that began when Chester A. Arthur occupied the White House.

This year the Crimson went down to defeat long before it got anywhere near its New Jersey opponent. Crease attackman Lou Williams was sidelined with an eye injury in last Thursday's practice and any chance the varsity stickmen might have did against the Tigers was lost for another season.

Without Williams on the attack, coach Bruce Munro tried a new offense, alternating members of the fourth midfield in the injured junior's place.

Hopelessly out of contention, the varsity ten fought back anyway. After allowing four goals in less than five minutes at the end of the second quarter, the defensive trio of Charlie Kessler, Al Straus, and Fred Gates held the Tigers to just three more the rest of the afternoon.

The Crimson's first goal came at 3:52 of the third quarter with Tink Gunnoe passing to Joey Prahi for the score. Five minutes later Gunnoe tallied all by himself and an aroused varsity offense did what it should have done the first three periods.


Harvard scored total of six times in the furious final quarter. Gunnoe added two more goals and passed to midfielder Pete Wood for another. Fellow attackman Dick Ames contributed two markers on solo dodges from behind the goal and Wood added an eighth before the final gun.

When it was all over, the varsity was still short by four goals but had managed to out-shoot the Tigers with a total of 41 attempts. Outplayed in the closing minutes, Princeton still managed three fourth period scores.