Demolition Deadline For Dudley House, Little Hall Revealed

Dudley House and Little Hall will be demolished immediately after January 1 to make way for the rest of the Holyoke Center, University officials confirmed publicly yesterday.

All occupants of the buildings have been notified, and all offices which do not move this fall will be relocated between Christmas and January 1. The front part of Holyoke Hall will be the only old building in the entire block left standing by spring.

All Dudley House student rooms, dining facilities, and tutorial offices will occupy the first floor of the Ambassador Hotel, which the University bought last year and has imaginatively renamed 737 Cambridge Street.

Radio station WHRB, still searching desperately for permanent quarters, will move to temporary studios in Claverly Hall. During the summer, one suite, the swimming pool, and the squash court on the first floor were altered enough to meet the station's needs WHRB will move its equipment in December.

The radio station still hopes to construct permanent facilities on top of the Masters' Garage at the corner of Holyoke and Mill Streets, but a WHRB spokesman said yesterday that the station will have to raise a lot more money before any further plans can be made. Last spring, WHRB began a $100,000 fund drive to finance a new studio.


The History Department and the tutorial offices for Government and Economics students will remain in Holyoke House, but everything else will move to temporary quarters.

The Centers for Russian Research, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern Studies will occupy the three upper floors of the Ambassador.

Permanent homes for many of these offices will be found in the Mass. Ave. section of the Holyoke Center when it is completed and in other buildings now under construction or on the drawing boards.