Swimmers Dunk Dartmouth, 59-36

Crimson swimmers dunked Dartmouth 59-36 at Hanover Saturday, winning nine of the 11 events. The victory was a crucial one for Harvard, bringing their season's record to 2-2.

Harvard's All-American Dave Abramson furthered his string of straight wins at the expense of the Indian's captain Doc Davis in the 200 freestyle. Abramson's time was 1:56:5. Harry Turner also beat Davis in the 500 freestyle with a time of 5:38:09.

Elliott Miller and captain Dave Brandling-Bennett finished first and second for Harvard in the 50 freestyle, as did Al Lincoln and Earl Showerman in the 200 backstroke. The Crimson also dominated the top two spots in the 200 individual medley because of the efforts of Henry Frey and Bill Chadsey.

Harvard's Joe Stetz churned in a good performance in the 200 butterfly event with a time of 2:13.6, and Brandling-Bennett won the 100 freestyle in 51.5.

Diver Dan Mahoney scored 72.42 points to outdo his two Dartmouth rivals.

The outclassed Indians managed to win the 400 freestyle over a pickup Harvard team; Hank Marshall broke a Dartmouth record in the 200-yard breaststroke to give the Green their only other victory of the one-sided meet.