Ed School Seeks Big Gov't Grant For New Center

The University will apply for $500,000 from the federal government to help finance the new seven-story center for the Graduate School of Education, officials said last week. The money is being sought under Title II of the new Higher Education Facilities Act, which provides grants for the expansion of graduate schools.

Although construction of the new building on Way is scheduled to begin early in February, the Ed School is half a about is pledges. The Corporation last fll authorized a loan until the School could find the additional money.

Bids for the building were solicited in November, and the University will announce a contract award in the future. The cost will come to over $1.6 million.

Harvard is likely is for funds under Title I of the education not, which provides money for the construction of undergraduate facilities in science, engineering, mathematics, and languages, and for libraries.

Legislation Explained

Although the act gives preference to colleges with expanding enrollments, Arthur D. Trottenberg '48, assistant dean of the Faculty for resources and planning, said last night. "I think we will apply." Trottenberg and two other officials last Friday attended a meeting in New York, at which representatives of the Office of Education explained the new legislation.

Trottenberg mentioned an undergraduate science center--expected to cost at least several million dollars--as an important project for which the University might ask funds.

A number of administrative stumbling blocks remain before Harvard can receive any money under the new bill. Trottenberg noted. He said the state has not yet set up the special commission required by the assign funds for undergraduate facilities. And although applications for graduate grants are sent directly to Washington, the Office of Education has still to provide its own machinery for dealing with them.