Steward of Club Served Minors, Gets Jail Term

The Steward of the DU Club has been red following his conviction last week on charges of attempting to bribe a Cambridge police officer and serving liquor to a minor. Mathew T. Smith, the steward involved, has appealed both convictions.

Although neither charge involved the DU Club, Warren C. Moffett '51, graduate president of the Club, said last night: "The club is horrified. He was replaced as soon as we learned of it. The Club cannot tolerate any conduct in breach of the law. But we were perfectly satisfied with his conduct within the club--in that respect he was exemplary."

Liquor For Minors

Officer Henry Gallagher, the Cambridge patrolman involved in the case, said that on Oct. 4 the brother of a 16-year-old boy told him that a man was purchasing liquor for minors "around the Square." Gallagher recognized the description of Smith and the 16-year-old subsequently identified him.

Following his identification by the teenager, Smith called Gallagher aside, according to the Cambridge officer, and said, "I'll give you $100 if you squash this." Gallagher said the bribe offer was then repeated in the presence of his partner.


Smith tried to explain away the incident, Gallagher said, by claiming that he occasionally had minors help him at the Club and gave them drinks in payment. These incidents did not enter into the charges on which Smith was tried, and the DU Club itself did not figure in the court trial last week.

Dean Watson said Monday that the College had been concerned about the case. He said he had called Moffett when he learned of the incident, but that he was completely satisfied with the Club's handling of it.