Harvard Officials Oppose Goldwater; Corporation Members Support LBJ

Four more Harvard officials have joined the anti-Goldwater movement.

In an advertisement in yesterday's New York Times, R. Kieth Kane '32, a member of the Harvard Corporation, and Grenville Clark '03, a retired member of the Corporation who served for more than 20 years, joined over 600 other members of the Lawyers Division of Citizens for Johnson and Humphrey in urging the election of the Democratic National Ticket. Kane is a co-chairman of the group while Clark is a member of the executive committee.

Previously, William L. Marbury another member of the Corporation, associated himself with 50 of the foremost lawyers in the country in denouncing Goldwater's attacks on the Supreme Court.

Rabbi Ben Zion Gold and Rev. Richard Mumma, members of the United Ministry at Harvard and Radcliffe signed a statement issued by 75 Protestant and Jewish clergymen Tuesday castigating Goldwater as opposed to the demands of Jewish and Christian ethics."

The statement called on all religious people in the country to work actively against Goldwater's candidacy. "Senator Goldwater's social and political views reveal a surrender of responsibility for the future of the world and thereby a retreat from religious responsibility in this world," the statement concluded.