HYRC to Honor Rep. McCulloch As Man of Year

Passing over both the national ticket and the disaffected opposition, the Harvard Young Republican Club will bestow its "Republican of the Year" award tomorrow on a fence-straddler, Rep. William M. McCulloch of Ohio.

David A. Rood '67, a spokesman for the club, said the Ohio Congressman was chosen because of his work in getting the Civil Rights Act passed by the House. McCulloch led the GOP minority on the House Judiciary Committee and helped round up votes for a favorable report.

Rood said that McCulloch would also be cited for his support of legislative reapportionment.

Senator Barry Goldwater, the Republican candidate for President, voted against the Civil Right Act and has attacked the Supreme Court for its "one man, one vote" apportionment decision.

In spite of his disagreements with the nominee, however, McCulloch was an early Goldwater supporter. At the Republican National Convention, he spoke against the platform amendment on civil rights offered by Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York.

A 17-year veteran of the House, McCulloch will accept the award at an 8 p.m. meeting in the Union. He will dine with Young Republicans at 5 p.m. at Dunster House and will sip sherry in the Union beginning at 7 p.m.