Rolling Stone Gathers $700 Damage For Two Leverett House Students

A 200-pound piece of slate bouncing down one flight of stairs of a Leverett House tower will produce approximately $700 worth of damage, according to a preliminary estimate by Leverett House authorities.

The bizarre experiment was carried out by two Leverett juniors in an attempt to steal the two-foot by three-foot rock from two other Leverett residents last week.

Its owners had left the slate outside their suite on the eleventh floor of G-tower for about 45 minutes when the two juniors noticed it there and attempted to move it down to their room on the seventh floor.

Unfortunately for the pair, Leverett elevators stop only on even floors. While they managed to cart the bulky rock from the eleventh to the tenth floor without incident, they apparently tired, and simply dragged the stone down the steps from the eighth to the seventh floor, neatly knocking a chunk out of each step.

When the slate was reported missing, the detective work required to discover its whereabouts was not inordinately difficult. The stairs will be completely replaced, and the bill forwarded to the two juniors.

At present, the slate is serving its intended purpose--a coffee tabletop--on the eleventh floor of G-tower. According to its owners, the stone came through its ordeal unscathed.