Two Teens Mug Harvard Student, Fail in Get-Away

Two Cambridge youths, apparently drunk, attempted to mug a Business School student yesterday afternoon and then caused a motor scooter accident while trying to make a getaway.

The attack took place at about 4:15 p.m. on Bow St. in front of "A" and "B" entries of Adams House. The business student, Roy A. Safanda, fought off the youths and complained to a nearby University policeman.

The youths ran out into Massachusetts Ave. into the path of a Square-bound motor scooter driven by D. Philip Moll '65-3. The scooter swerved and crashed, knocking Moll unconscious. University police then apprehended the youths.

Moll was taken to Stillman Infirmary, where he was treated for a bruised head and elbow. He was held overnight for observation, and was reported in good condition.

The youths, both 17 years old, were turned over to the Cambridge police. The pair were booked and ordered to appear in Third District Court this morning.


It was the second reported attack on students in three days. On Saturday a youth slashed an undergraduate near the Yard and attacked a girl in the Radcliffe Quad.