Birchite Forsees Freedom's Rape

"America is being raped in the kitchen," Scott Stanley, managing editor of the Birchite monthly American Opinion, warned in a speech at the Sheraton Commander last night.

Stanley predicted a Communist takeover of the United States within the next 12 years. "You don't have to be a Harvard professor to realize that no nation has been free for more than 200 years," he explained. "America, as a free nation, has 12 years to live."

"The great conservative majority," Stanley continued, "is sitting in its drawing-room, plinking its harpsichord, and thinking it's 1898. But it may be necessary to bury the left-wing extremist under the drawing-room rug, because the kitchen is going to be a little messy."

Fine Local Institution

Stanley criticized liberals and conservatives, intellectuals and dilettantes, and everyone from "that fine local institution, Harvard," for being soft on Communism. His speech, entitled "Red Heads of State," illustrated how the Communists have moved nowhere since World War II without the indirect--or direct--aid of the United States.

Stanley cited Premier Castro of Cuba, former President Betancourt of Venezuela, Premier Ben Bella of Algeria, former President Paz Estenssoro of Bolivia, and President Sukarno of Indonesia as Communists supported by the U.S. "I ask myself," he said, "'Were we fooled, or was it treason?' It's enough to make you become a right-wing extremist."

"All the liberalls typicalls wants," Stanley continued, "is Galbraith and Schlesinger to send Soapy Williams to Africa to pass out deodorant to the natives as some sort of cultural exchange."

But, according to Stanley, the modern conservative is as complacent as the liberal. "This country is full of the wrong kind of conservative," he charged. "They're country-club types willing to turn their sons over to the local institution for nine months of the year and to put up with Santa Claus Johnson and Hubert the Hump."

Stanley promised that American Opinion, "that strange little conservative journal," will continue to warn against Communists "in the hope that the CIA will spend $1 and buy a copy.