High-Scoring Quintet Buries Judges

With an eye-popping display of shooting skill, the Crimson basketball team demolished Brandeis Saturday, 101 to 83.

Harvard connected for 44 field goals (a Crimson record) in 80 attempts, compiling a shooting percentage of of 55.0. The starting five plus the two leading reserves, John Scott and Bill Fegley, hit 37 of 51 shots, a phenomenal 72.6 per cent.

The Crimson nearly broke Harvard's single-game scoring record of 102, which was established in 1957. George Neville scored on a fast break with 49 seconds left to bring Harvard to the 100-point mark and added a foul shot 11 seconds later, but twice thereafter missed fouls which could have tied the record.

The margin of victory, 18 points, was reasonably close, but if Harvard coach Floyd Wilson had been a sadist he could have rolled up the score to 120 with little difficulty.

The Crimson's first string played little more than half the game. Keith Sedlacek was the team's leading scorer with 22 points. John Scott, who has been relegated to the bench most of the season, scored 17.

Scott's performance was especially encouraging. He sank eight of eleven shots, and showed that he is capable of substituting for either of Harvard's big men, Barry Williams and Meria McClung. And he's going to be needed Tuesday night when the Crimson exhausting race-horse style of basket-encounters Boston College and their ball.