3 Bills Make Attempt To Halt Underpasses

Cambridge state legislators filed three bills this week to prevent or delay construction on the Memorial Drive underpasses. According to present plans, the Metropolitan District Commission will begin building the underpasses at River St., Western Ave., and Boylston St. some time this spring.

One bill would repeal the law ordering the MDC to build the underpasses. Another would prevent the MDC from beginning construction until it had made a comprehensive study of the recreational uses of the Charles River and submitted it to the Governor; in its survey, the MDC would be compelled to justify the need--and desirability--of the underpasses.

The third bill would set up a review board, having one member appointed by Cambridge, one by the MDC, and a neutral selected by the Governor. The underpasses could not be built unless the review board gave its approval by a majority vote.

A number of anti-pass bills were introduced during the last session of the legislature. They were all defeated.