Princeton Trounces Crimson Swordsmen

Depressing is the only printable word for Saturday's fencing match with Princeton; the Crimson went haywire even more quickly than the electrical equipment did.

The team last 13 out of the 31 boats by a narrow 5-0 margin--serve such defects than it has suffered in several years--and dropped the match itself by a none-too narrow 14-11 score.

In the first two bouts, Larry Butler and Paul Zygas, the brightest stars of the once stellar sabre squad, were both edged 5-4

After these defeats, the fencers lost spirit and skill, often leading in a bout and blowing it at the last minute. Even Dan Kirach, John Kolb and Hugh Wlaig, each of whom won two of his three bouts, could not rescue the Crimson.

Wednesday the fencer host Rutgers, to whom they lost 16-11 last year.